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A streamlined, condensed brand Identity package which is designed to get fast results. It's lighter on strategy but heavy on impact. It's designed for businesses needing a brand refresh or jumpstart with limited time. We focus on capturing your brand essence with impactful visuals and strategic guidance.

  • Brand Workshop: We'll collaborate to define your brand core values, and key messaging.

  • Logo Design & Refinement: We'll design your primary logo and iterate based on your feedback.

  • Brand Color Palette Selection: We'll curate a pre-selected color palette for your brand.

  • Typography Style Guide: We'll recommend font options that align with your brand personality.

  • Brand Identity Mockups: We'll demonstrate your brand applied to key touchpoints.

  • Brand Guidelines Overview: We'll provide a summary of your brand identity for immediate use.


This package is perfect for businesses establishing a brand from scratch or undergoing a complete rebrand. It lays the groundwork for a strong, consistent brand identity.

This full brand Identity package includes everything you need to ensure everything you put out is on-brand so you can get to the business of doing business.

This includes:​

  • Deep Dive Brand Strategy: We'll work closely with you to understand your brand vision, mission, values, and target audience and presentation.

  • Research & Competitive Analysis: We'll research your industry, competitors, and target audience to inform your brand strategy.

  • Suite of Brand Logos: primary, secondary, and alternative logos

  • Brand Color Palette: We'll craft a unique and cohesive color palette that reflects your brand personality.

  • Typography Guide: We'll define your brand voice through carefully chosen fonts and type styles.

  • Graphic Elements: We'll develop brand assets like patterns, textures, and illustrations to add visual depth.

  • ​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Brand Guidelines: We'll document your brand identity standards for consistent application across all channels.

  • Brand Application Mockups: We'll showcase how your brand identity will look in real-world scenarios.

  • A reference document (brand guide) with your brand colours and text styles to ensure your visual identity is consistent.​


This package is designed for businesses with an existing brand identity that needs a refresh or expansion into new touchpoints. We'll amplify your brand impact with targeted design assets.

  • A digital goody bag of 3 designs of your choice,​​​ Leaflets, Loyalty cards, welcome booklets, menus, social media templates, packaging. You name it.​​​​​​​​​​​​​

  • 3 Custom Design Projects: Choose from website design, social media templates, packaging design, marketing materials, or other options.

  • Brand Consistency Review: We'll assess your existing brand application and suggest improvements.

  • Design Guidelines Consultation: We'll answer questions and clarify your brand guidelines for consistent application.

    • Brand Voice & Messaging: Develops a consistent and compelling tone of communication.

    • Company Culture & Employee Branding: Creates a unified internal brand experience.

    • Community Engagement & Social Impact Initiatives: visually represents brand values in action.

    • Promotional Materials & Giveaways: Memorable brand interaction in everyday life.

    • Experiential Marketing & Events: Creates unique and engaging brand experiences.

    • Internal Branding Materials & Documentation: Ensures consistent brand application within the company.

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    • Business Cards & Stationery: Professional presentation for everyday interactions.

    • Signage & Wayfinding: Clear and consistent navigation within physical spaces.

    • Packaging & Product Design: Creates a memorable brand experience at purchase.

    • Event Materials: Makes a strong impression at industry gatherings.

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    • Website: User-friendly and visually appealing online presence.

    • Social Media Graphics & Templates: Consistent brand presentation across platforms.

    • Email Marketing & Newsletters: visually engaging communication with customers.

    • Presentations & Slide Decks: Professional and memorable communication of ideas.

    • Digital Ads & Online Marketing Materials: Captures attention and attracts new customers.

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