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Black Pharma

Black Pharma



Black Pharma is an Award-winning Social Enterprise Community Interest Company. Their vision is to see a greater representation of black professionals across the Pharmaceutical industry. After experiencing rapid growth in services and membership, their existing website struggled to accommodate this expansion. Navigation and information hierarchy had become chaotic. They brought me on board to help them re-design and re-build the website and update the outdated design to better reflect Black Pharma's unique brand Identity.

Here's how: I Replaced the overwhelming homepage content with a user-friendly Intuitive navigation structure. Key information categories were categorised into clear menus within relevant internal pages, creating a more natural information flow. This streamlined approach allowed diverse users to find the information they need with ease. Content was reorganized and prioritised based on user needs and website goals. Streamlined information architecture ensured clarity and eliminated information overload.

I created a consistent visual style guide applied throughout the website to strengthen brand identity. The visual refresh strengthened Black Pharma's brand identity, emphasising their mission and appeal to various audience segments. This included subtly adjusting the existing red and black tones representing professionalism, impact, and urgency. for a more modern and sophisticated feel and Introducing a subdued green to symbolize health and growth, and a touch of yellow for optimism – a powerful message in healthcare. I also balanced the previous design's intensity by incorporating more white space and softer design elements. This created a more approachable and inviting user experience, aligning with Black Pharma's mission of inclusivity. For brand recognition we maintained Black Pharma's established logo.

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