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From building a rock-solid foundation to amplifying your existing brand, I offer three distinct design packages tailored to your specific needs and budget.


The full branding experience


a curated fast-track launch


 (Website, packaging, digital and print collateral)

A digital goody bag of 3 designs of your choice,​​​ Leaflets, Loyalty cards, welcome booklets, menus, social media templates, packaging. You name it.​​​​​​​​​​​​​

3 Custom Design Projects: Choose from website design, social media templates, packaging design, marketing materials, or other options.

Brand Consistency Review: We'll assess your existing brand application and suggest improvements.

Design Guidelines Consultation: We'll answer questions and clarify your brand guidelines for consistent application.

Brand Workshop: We'll collaborate to define your brand core values, and key messaging.

Logo Design & Refinement: We'll design your primary logo and iterate based on your feedback.

Brand Color Palette Selection: We'll curate a pre-selected color palette for your brand.

Typography Style Guide: We'll recommend font options that align with your brand personality.

Brand Identity Mockups: We'll demonstrate your brand applied to key touchpoints.

Brand Guidelines Overview: We'll provide a summary of your brand identity for immediate use.

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