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Content ideas for building your brand

3 handy lists of Content ideas to get your creative content juices flowing and increasing traffic to your website.

Trying to keep up with your Social media content and marketing schedule can be a challenge. Especially when juggling content for multiple brands or as an entrepreneur trying to juggle your content creation, content marketing and day to day running of business alongside your day job, family responsibilities, and let's presume you do intend to maintain a social life (time permitting).

I have created the ultimate content inspo lists to get you started when your all out of ideas. Save yourself some time when your sitting down planning your content or at the very least jog your creative brain.

Never one to do anything without a process, here it is.. I've taken a three part approach to help you:

1. Step out of your content type comfort zone

We all do it. We have our go to content categories that we are comfortable creating and anything thing that exists out of that gets filed under.. "One day..(maybe) or maybe you didn't even realise it was a thing. Whatever the reason, if you're reading this post today it could be time to give this list a once over with an open mind.

2.Build your brand by blogging

One of the best ways to build a brand is through blogging.

It's a great way to get across your brand personality. It’s about creating more opportunities to help and connect with your people. I want to help the bold and ambitious with branding design so they can reach their business goals and live their best lives, and here you are doing exactly that so yay us!It also has the added benefit of helping you rank on search engines. Blog posts are one of the cornerstone methods of driving traffic, generating leads, and improving your sites SEO. So I've added a bunch of blog post titles that are easy to get your head around which means less procrastinating.

Marketers who prioritise blogging are 13 times more likely to see a positive return on investment

3.Give your social media some steam

If i'm being totally transparent, I have real issues with social media consistency. I can be introverted and I can be weird about putting myself out there, and very self critical about the content I put out. Relate? Or are you the complete opposite and you've exhausted all your go to posts.. either way I've added a bunch of prompts for your next post.


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